50 More Kindles in Uganda

Jacob Lee has returned to Uganda with 50 more Kindles. The ministry of Reaching Africa’s Unreached is teaching pastors and Christian leaders. It is ministries such as this that we endeavor to work with.

Jacob and Carol Lee personally pick up the Kindles before returning to Uganda. We had  a meal together while Jacob and Carol gave us a report of their ministry. This the the type of accountability that we desire to have with those we minister with.


Covenant College, Zambi

This is good example of what we at StudyToBeApproved seek to do. Covenant
College in Zambia requested our help. Here is an excerpt from their request.

Being in Eastern Province, Zambia, we struggle to get material into the students hands. It is very expensive to send books, so we only give them a little here and there as we are able. We will be most grateful for a donation of Kindles, as this will be a huge blessing to the institution and the students.

We are going to send them 30 Kindles for this schools year and send additional ones later. We want to bless these pastors with good theological books to help them in their study of the Word of God.


Today I handed over 5 Kindles for delivery to Monterrey, Mexico. These are the first Kindles to go to Mexico. It is blessing to have partners who see a need and request Kindles for men they know in Mexico. This ministry is not possible without men on the ground in other countries who take responsibility for  the delivery of Kindles to the leaders who can most use them.


Haiti Trip Review

We as a team spent a week in Haiti from July 14 to 21. The main goal of our mission trip was to train Haitian pastors. Many of these pastors have limited theological training and fewer are trained in practical reformed theology.

Last year we started teaching them materials from 9Marks. Last year we taught them the first 6 of the 9Marks. This year we finished the last 3 of the 9Marks, church membership, church discipline and church office.

On the final Sunday I had the privilege of preaching and handing out Kindle HDs to the church leaders. These Kindles contain the videos of the training sessions we did during the week. This is one of StudyToBeApproved goals to train the trainers. They can use these videos and train others. Below a picture of me and the leaders who received Kindles.

It was an absolute privilege to be able to come over to Haiti to train these pastors in specific areas that could help to make a positive difference to their church experience. Before coming over, we already knew that they lacked in resources that we take for granted, so we thought that it would be hard for us to achieve the goals that we aimed for. But we were wrong. Their willingness to learn and improve their churches made it a pleasure to teach them.

For us, we had to raise some vital funds to allow us to make the trip over to Haiti in the first place. So, we decided to host a lot of fundraising events, like the ones you can find at places similar to GoFundMe, to see if people would help to contribute to the change that we can make to countries like this. And low and behold, it worked. Without those vital and generous donations, this trip wouldn’t have been possible. I just hope that we have the opportunity to come again, so we can see how these pastors have adapted to what we’ve taught them.

Pastor Group Shot

News from Uganda

It never ceases to amaze me how well received the Kindles have been in Uganda. We take so many things for granted here in the US but a gift of a Kindle with 150 books is considered an overwhelming gift.

Jacob recently gave a key Christian leader (who has held political offices and who recently retired here to Moyo and is doing some ministry here) a Kindle. The man just spontaneously started hugging Jacob over and over stating that the Kindle is THE BEST GIFT he has ever received in his whole life! Jacob kept saying,”I’m just the messenger!” So…consider yourself hugged by a giant Ugandan!

Gabriel uganda

Off to Haiti

We will be leaving on Monday for Haiti. During this time we will be teaching Haitian Pastors. Please be in prayer for our ministry.

We will also be handing out Kindle HD to the key pastors. We are attempting something new. We are going to video all of our sessions and leave each of the key pastors with a Kindle with the recorded sessions.

We will keep you updated after we come back from Haiti.

Testimony From Uganda

This is from a Christian worker in Uganda.

I have for some time now wanted to own a Kindle or an iPad. I was delighted and grateful to God, when I received a kindle from Pastor Conrad Mbewe, who was simply a channel of blessing. The kindle was a generous gift from a brother in the USA, who donated 10 kindles to be given to Pastors in Zambia, and I was one of those beneficiaries.
One of my favourite activities in the world is to linger in a bookstore, picking up new good Christians books and old titles and reading a few pages here, a few pages there. One thing that I realized shortly after getting to know about Kindles was that this thing is a bookstore — one I can step into at any time of the day or night.

Now that I have a kindle, I absolutely adore sitting down to read, and checking out a new book I heard about — without paying a cent and without even using two hands!
May God continue to bless you, and your family?

Yours In His Service
Chipita Sibale

2013 In Review

2013 was the year of beginning this ministry. What started as fulfilling a dream of a ministry in South Africa to provide Kindles to Christian leaders has spread to 5 countries and 5 different ministries.

Here is a summary of the Kindles that are being distributed:

  • South Africa – 12 Kindles
  • Zambia – 10 Kindles
  • Kenya – 5 Kindles
  • Northern Uganda – 68 Kindles
  • Cuba – 10 Kindles
  • Southern Uganda – 10 Kindles

We distributed 115 Kindles this year. These were sent through ministries that a resident in the countries. They distribute the Kindles to other Christian workers in the country.

We also increase the number of books on the Kindles from 30 to 160. The international distribution of the eBooks worked great. We are able to update the Kindles as long as they have access to a wireless hot spot.

We thank the Lord for all he has done for us this year.



Let Us Not Forget

The following comment came from a pastor in Uganda:

We are very excited about what the Lord is doing in Northwestern Uganda. I will never forget what one Yumbe pastor said and wrote to me, “We had thought God had forgotten about us and we know now He has not”. Your Kindle ministry is part of God’s plan in spreading His fame in a much neglected area.

Of course, we are lucky that we have the opportunity to visit a church when we want to because there are so many worldwide to choose from. Some people even venture out far and wide to attend a church service because this has been made possible. The online donations that people can make to their religious establishments are remarkable, especially when you look for methods via somewhere like Tithe.ly to provide people with another means to donate. This money can go towards the services of the pastor, as well as making sure that the building remains in a stable condition for services. Unfortunately, there are other countries that don’t have this luxury.

We take for granted having the resources to buy books anytime we want them. The average pastor has hundreds of books. In Uganda there are pastors who have their Bibles and a couple of books. Their most important capability is to be able to read and study in English. All of Southeastern Africa needs to be flooded with Kindles. These men should not lack having good study materials.

What we take for granted they strongly desire. Let us not forget them.

148+ Titles

With the help of sites such as monergism.com, Desiring God, generous donations from 9Marks and other sources we can now offer 148 books on the Kindles for African pastors.  Many of these books are miulti-volune sets so the number of actual books may be near 200.

How many books is this. Picture your typical standalone book cabinet that is 6 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 6 shelves full of books. This is how many books we are sending to the pastors. I cannot imagine shipping this many books and having the pastors maintain auxh a physical library. Thank the Lord for digital books. These men now have a full library to assist them in their study and own spiritual growth.

Here is the list of books we are supplying:

1 John Arthur W. Pink
A Body of Divinity James Usher
A Breathing After God Richard Sibbes
A Call to Prayer J.C. Ryle
A Treatise of Self Denial Thomas Manton
advent-2013 John Piper
alive-to-wonder John Piper
Am I Really a Christian Mike McKinley
Andrew_Fuller__I_Will_Go_Down_If_You_Wil_-_John_Piper John Piper
Anti-Pelagian Writings Augustine
Apostasy Various
Around the Wicket Gate Charles H. Spurgeon
attributes of God A. W. Pink
Augustine and The Pelagian Controversy B. B. Warfield
Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church Michael Lawrence
Biblical Theology Study 9Marks
Bondage of the Will Martin Luther
Calvin T.H.L. Parker
Calvin on the Mediator from Institutes of the Christian Religion John Calvin
Cases of Conscience William Perkins
Charity and Its Fruits Jonathan Edwards
Christianity and Liberalism J. Gresham Machen
Church Discipline Jonathan Leeman
Church Leadership Study 9Marks
Church Membership Jonathan Leeman
Church membership Study 9Marks
Church Study 9Marks
Come to Me! Tom Wells
Comfort in Affliction Various
Commentary on Ephesians Thomas Goodwin
Common Objections to Christianity Steve Hays
CONSIDER JESUS_ Thoughts for Daily Duty Octavius Winslow
Conversion Study 9Marks
David Brainerd May I Never Loiter John Piper
Day of Judgment Various
Defending the Faith Cornelius Van Til
Disability John Piper
Discipleship Study 9Marks
Divine Covenants A. W. Pink
Do You Think You Are Converted? j.C. Ryle
doctrine-matters John Piper
Evangelism study 9Marks
Exposing_the_Dark_Work John Piper
Expositional Preaching Study 9Marks
Expository Thoughts on the Gospels J. C. Ryle
Finding Faithful Elders & Deacons Thabiti M. Anyabwile
Gleanings From Paul A. W. Pink
God Becam Man – Cur Deus Homo St Anselm
God’s Canon Steve Hays
God’s Free Grace & Man’s Free Will William Perkins
God’s Way of Holiness horatius Bonar
Gospel Study 9Marks
Heaven on Earth Thomas Brooks
Heaven: A World of Love Jonathan Edwards
Hebrews 11 Commentary William Perkins
History of the Reformation of the Sixteen J. H. Merle D’Aubigne
Holiness J. C. Ryle
Hudson Taylor – Autobiography Hudson Taylor
Human Nature in its Fourfold State Thomas Boston
Introduction to the New Testament  Louis Berkhof
It Is Well Mark Dever and Michael Lawrence
John G. Paton-You Will Be Eaten By Cannibal John Piper
Knowing Christ Crucified William Perkins
Lectures on Calvinism Abraham Kuyper
Lex Rex Samuel Rutherford
Love to the uttermost John Piper
Martin Luther Letters Martin Luther
Matthew Commentary – Spurgeon_ Charles H_ Charles H. Spurgeon
Mortification Various
Mute Christian under the Smarting Rod Thomas Brooks
Nine Marks of a Healthy Church Mark Dever
old-paths J. C. Ryle
Outlines of Theology A. A. Hodge
Personal Declension and Revival of Religion in the Soul Octavius Winslow
Pink Anthology Arthur W. Pink
Practical Christianity William Wilberforce
Practical Religion Horatius Bonar
Profiting from the Word A. W. Pink
Puritan Gems Thomas Watson
rant J. C. Ryle
Reformed Faith Thomas E. Tyson and G. I. Williamson
Regeneration Or the New Birth A. W. Pink
Richard Sibbes – Vol. 7_ Misc. Sermons Richard Sibbes
Salve for a Sick Man William Perkins
Sanctification in the everyday John Piper
Select Writings of William Cunningham John Hendryx editor
Sermons on Proverbs Charles H. Spurgeon
Sound Doctrine Bobbie Jamieson
Spurgeon Anthology  Charles H. Spurgeon
Spurgeon Gems Charles H. Spurgeon
still-not-professionals John Piper, et. al.
Studies in Scripture & Its Authority  Herman Ridderbo
Studies on Saving Faith A. W. Pink
Summary of Christian Doctrine Louis Berkhof
Systematic Theology R. L. DABNEY
Systematic Theology Louis Berkhof
TakeCareHowYouListen John Piper
Ten Indictments  against the Modern Church  Paul Washer
The Atonement Loraine Boettner
The Attributes of God A.W. Pink
The Beatitudes Watson, Thomas
The Belgic Confession of Faith (1561) Guy de Bres
The Benefit of Christ Crucified Don Benedetto
The Bonar Anthology Horatius Bonar
The Bruised Reed Richard Sibbes
The Certainty of Faith – Bavinck_ Herman Herman Bavinck
The Christian in Complete Armour William Gurnall
The Christians Great Interest William Guthrie
The Church and The Suprising Offense of God’s Love Jonathan Leeman
The Covenant of Life Opened Samuel Rutherford
The Doctrine of Election A. W. Pink
The Doctrine of Repentance Thomas Watson
The Duties of Parents j.C. Ryle
The End of Infidelity Steve Hays
The Everlasting Righteousness – Horatius Bonar Haratio Bonar
The Farewell Sermon of Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards
The Gospel in the Pentateuch (5 Books) Henry Law
The Hidden Life of Prayer David MacIntyre
The Marrow of Sacred Divinity William Ames
The Method of Grace John Flavel
The Mischief of Sin Thomas Watson
The Mute Christian Under the Smarting Rod – Comfort for Suffering Saints Thomas Brooks
The Old Testament Doctrine of Salvation WILLIAM DEAS KERSWILL
The Orgin of Paul’s religion J. Gresham Machen
The Reformed Faith  Loraine Boettner
The Scripture Testify about Me multiple authors
The Sermons of Charles Spurgeon_ Vol. 1 C. H. Spurgeon
The Sinfulness Of Sin Ralph Venning
The Sovereignty of God A. W. Pink
The Spurgeon Anthology Charles H. Spurgeon
The Sum of Saving Knowledge David Dickson
The Total Depravity of Man A. W. Pink
The Trinity Loraine Boettner
The Works of John Bunyan 3 Vols John Bunyan
Theology Proper Charles Hodge
Treasures of Bonar Horatius Bonar
Tribute-To-My-Father John Piper
Truths Victory Over Error David Dickson
Types and Metaphors of Scripture REV.  BENJAMIN KEACH
Vital Prayer Various
Westminster Shorter, Part 1 Thomas Boston
Westminster Shorter, Part 2 Thomas Boston
What Is a Healthy Church Mark Dever
What Is the Gospel Greg Gilbers
What Is the Reformed Faith Thomas E. Tyson & G. I. Williamson

If you know of a source of good digital (Kindle format) books that we can obtain for free please email stbahager@gmail.com with the information.