Testimony From Uganda

This is from a Christian worker in Uganda.

I have for some time now wanted to own a Kindle or an iPad. I was delighted and grateful to God, when I received a kindle from Pastor Conrad Mbewe, who was simply a channel of blessing. The kindle was a generous gift from a brother in the USA, who donated 10 kindles to be given to Pastors in Zambia, and I was one of those beneficiaries.
One of my favourite activities in the world is to linger in a bookstore, picking up new good Christians books and old titles and reading a few pages here, a few pages there. One thing that I realized shortly after getting to know about Kindles was that this thing is a bookstore — one I can step into at any time of the day or night.

Now that I have a kindle, I absolutely adore sitting down to read, and checking out a new book I heard about — without paying a cent and without even using two hands!
May God continue to bless you, and your family?

Yours In His Service
Chipita Sibale