Testimonial from Uganda

When I received a text from Carol and Jacob Lee being directed to pick up a kindle they had offered me at no cost, I had no idea who God had used to bless me with such a gift that has made my reading more fun, easier and better than before…! Having the opportunity to carry my favorite book(s) with me was and had never crossed my mind but there I was and daily I am with it (them-books)on the bus, in my bed, in the pews, in the restaurant sorry to say but even in the rest room!! every where its convenient to read,  this “partner” (kindle) has come handy…! And now that am serving alongside this wonderful couple, I asked Jacob the first question that I had when I first received this gift…who is responsible for this kind of blessing that even has the knowledge about us here in Africa in matters pertaining electricity (constant blackouts) since this gadget comes beyond helpful and how is it possible that some one could get all these books in the hands of different people free of charge…! He was able to share with me how he was blessed to hear you narrate how you personally get these books on each of these kindles individually, personally with the love of Christ doing this both diligently and joyfully…! I remember we were on one of the trips to a place called Gbari, way down in the mountains where RAU is hoping to have a church plant(it is in the process)…when he narrated to me this…my heart was humbled especially saying that you personally enter all these books on your own; someone especially here in Africa may think (and I don’t blame them) that this work is easy…but no…! I know its not…! The reason my heart sank and was humbled was this; I was asking myself; what could spur a man to sit down hours long for some days forsaking all his pleasures and enjoyments plus other programs all so that where I was,  I could be  nourished with the goodness of our Lord’s love through all these study materials…indeed I concluded that only for Christ’s sake and the satisfaction you have in Him coupled with the desire for others to know and enjoy him as well that you put all  those other pleasures to get this kindle into my hands…armed with that knowledge, I all that was on my mind since was an opportunity to say THANK YOU brother, if only you knew how much you have impacted lives here in West Nile of Uganda through your work and support…! But I thank God for this opportunity to let you know that indeed you are a blessing to the body of Christ-may He renew and refresh you and your family at all times and richly reward and bless you as his will be!
Thank you for blessing and having me in mind (though we’ve never met but you are as they say “a brother from another mother” and in Christ<328.png>) while serving the Lord in this regard…thank you for your tireless work brother!
God bless you
am sorry for not introducing myself at the beginning  and writing too long of a text but I go by names of ONETTE ZORAH and I serve here at Reaching Africa’s Unreached with Jacob and Carol Lee…your work and laboring for the church of Christ…believe me touches my heart everyday especially when I see how joyful and many a number of church leaders that you have blessed here and how grateful they are(now I know they are grateful for you…!). As I sit down to read from (NOW)my kindle (thanks to you) which I know I don’t deserve but only for the love of Christ through you, am humbled, thankful, grateful and forever will be to you for this gift…because of you brother…!Thanks. Come visit us at RAU sometime…!