A Gift

It is one week to Christmas and our thoughts are on giving. We especially enjoy giving to our loved ones. There is so much joy in giving. At this time we celebrate God giving His Son to be the atonement for our sins. We rejoice in this because without Christ none of us could be children of God. During this Christmas season as well as the whole year we should be proclaiming the Good News.

Many churches in our country are blessed with pastors who faithfully proclaim the Gospel. These men faithfully study the Word of God so they can be approved workman. The purpose of StudyToBeApproved is to provide resources to pastors in impoverished countries so they can better study the Word of God. In these countries there are so few resources and the infrastructure to support the resources. Electricity, which we take for granted, is not available in the rural areas of these countries. So this next year we are going to be delivering Kindles along with solar power charges to these countries. Below is a picture of what we will be sending. A Kindle can be recharged in 4 hours using the solar power charger.

We have a request to send 70 Kindles to the remote regions of Zambia. Could you provide a gift of $100 to help us send Kindles to Zambia. Each Kindle will be such a blessing to the pastors. Help them in shepherding their flocks.

God has given us so much so we can give to others.

Where the need is greatest

We are being asked to send Kindles to those in the remotest of places. How would you like to travel on roads such as this?


Or go to this church?


These are our brothers and sisters in the Lord. They need solid Biblical teaching like we have.

We are working with missionaries, Bible colleges and universities to train up pastors that are willing to serve in such remote locations. We need to provide for them so they can feed their flock.

Consider how you can help. We have immediate need for $14,000 to provide Kindles for people serving in the remote areas of Zambia and Ethiopia. Can you help provide for this need?

More Blessings

As you may know, Cyber Monday has come and gone. This is a time when many merchants offer online specials. It is a great opportunity to grab a bargain, especially with the holiday season coming up. Some merchants offer discounts off specific items, whereas others offer a standard percentage of all items. Amazon offered the Kindle Fires for a 33% discount which is a great saving. Those who missed out on the discount can visit sites like Raise all year round to see if there are any other interesting and exciting discounts. Getting one or two at this price is good but we need many more for the ministry. When checking out you can purchase a max of 10 Kindles at the special price or so it seems. One of our supporters discovered that you can checkout more then 10. You can aa max of 40 per account if you order 10 of each color. So we were able to order 40 at the 33% discount. Our supporters also ordered the Kindles at this discount and are donating them to us. A total of 63 have been purchased at this discounted price. A good start for next year.

This was an extra expense we were not expecting in November but we could not pass up the savings. I had a phone conversation with a lady who has requested Kindles for pastors in Zambia. We have provided Kindles to Africa Christian University and Covenant Bible College in Zambia. The additional Kindles are needed for pastors in rural areas. They have requested 70 Kindles for next year, In our conversation she mentioned $1400 has been raised for this project. This will cover the cost of these first 40 Kindles. Thank the Lord for His manifest blessings!