More Kindles for Uganda

When Jacob Lee of Reaching Africa’s Unreached left for Uganda at the end of March we were able to send 50 Kindles with solar power chargers with him. His plan is to distribute them in the South Sudanese refugee camps. Also, some of the Kindles will be going to Sudan. The Lord is really opening up the mission fields for these Kindles.

Below is a testimony from Uganda:

Tobious Ojji March 18 ·
Kindle fire Jesus film ministry is the practical gospel tools which opens many doors for the gospel to reach unreached areas in the Metu mountains, it is really practically for people, in the recently days after one family saw all the film, on Saturday, and on the next Sunday all the family members came to the church for prayers praise God, this has made the gospel more expanded, in every houses holds,this has made the demands of more discipleship programs needed in the remote areas of metu mountains, besides it is more demanded by the members, because the number of the kindles are few, So our prayers is that God should provide us more for the faithful servants in the metu mountains, with Its mobile solars.

Please pray that we will be able to send more Kindles and solar power units to the far reaches of the world so that the Gospel can be spread. A Kindle with solar power unit only costs $100. This is a small cost to reach so many.