Excitement at African Christian University

Here is an excerpt from my latest correspondence with Diana Paul the registrar at ACU.

We went ahead and gave out the kindles last week and I have never seen such an excited bunch of people. One girl was so excited that she had access to a dictionary!!! Another commented how he now has a bible of his own!!! I couldn’t believe it. I sent a picture, but it really doesn’t capture the gratitude and appreciation that I experienced! May God continue to bless you as you bring joy and education to others.


African Christian University

Our goal is to equip Christian leaders in third world countries. African Christian University is a newly accredited university in the country of Zambia. Their first year students have arrived this month. We have been working closely with their registrar Diana Paul to configure the Kindle HDs that StudyToBeApproved donated to them.

We will be providing electronic books for these Kindles to use in the classroom. Each student receives a Kindle for their personal use to help them in their studies. Diana made a comment that internet access is readily available but the students do not have access to computers to connect to the internet. These students will now have computers to work with.