Reaching Africa’s Unreached

Dear Delmar,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the Kindle Ministry which the Lord placed on your heart to begin.  What a wonderful concept and what a commitment! I would love to be able to see, from a heavenly perspective, what good this resource is doing in the Kingdom of God and in the church in this region of the West Nile (Northwestern Uganda), Southwestern South Sudan and Northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Most pastors in these areas have little or no access to sound biblical training. Thank you for being a vessel through which such a great gift can be given!

I bless that providential day of our meeting in Austin at an Evangelism Conference led by Mack Stiles.  How good of the Lord to bring two strangers together: one with the vision and means of going, the other with the vision and resources to send!

The pastors here in northwestern Uganda and surrounding areas are absolutely thrilled when I place one of the Kindles in their hands and show them how to use it.  Imagine having access to a whole library of books for the first time in your life!

What makes the Kindle of such value here is:
1) it is small and compact and rechargeable
2) it holds a lot of books and is able to be updated as you administratively add more books.
3) the books included in the Kindle are sound and helpful to pastors
4) a dictionary is included which can help pastors increase their vocabulary and understanding of the material (because of British Colonial rule, English has been the language in which education takes place and many pastors have a working knowledge of English.)
5) the Kindles have a back-light which allows pastors to read at night in the absence of electricity or natural light (often pastors must work during the day to make a living and don’t live in an area with electricity at night.)

It is a joy to see evidence of this resource being used in pastors’ speech and thinking, writing and preaching.

Among the many testimonies, I heard from one of the men who had received a Kindle that he realized much of what he was preaching was not biblical and happily stood corrected.  Another pastor stated, “The Kindle is like the garden of Eden…we have so much fruit to enjoy!”  They are all exuberantly joyful in telling how much the Kindles have blessed them!

Time must be the tale-bearer of the lasting fruit of the Kindle ministry (longstanding change in the church and it’s impact on the Kingdom of God,) but we see fruit right now in the individuals into whose hands the church has been given for care and it makes us hopeful that, over time, we will see the fruit of holiness and passion for spreading the fame of King Jesus in the church in this region.  We look forward to continuing to partner with you in sowing eternal seed.

Thanks, again, for allowing us to be the extension of your heart and hands to pastors in this area.


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