One day all Christian Leaders will be trained and equipped to effectively preach the Gospel in their country.

One day all Christian Leaders will be trained and equipped to effectively preach the Gospel in their country.

Thanks to All

I want to thank the many who purchase Kindles over the Christmas season and donated them. We received around 80 Kindles. These Kindles will be distributed to the far reaches of the world.

Last week we sent 35 Kindles to African Christian University for their incoming class. The Lord is really blessing the university in Zambia. It is their third year of operation and we have been providing them Kindles for each student.

We are getting ready to send 20 Kindles to Ethiopia. These Kindles will be used by indigenous Ethiopian missionaries. These men go to the remote areas of Ethiopia as church planters. Some are in Muslim dominated areas. Please pray for them.

Please pray for a potential alliance with Reaching and Teaching. We would like to provide 5 Kindles for every team to distribute to the men they are teaching. This will open up Central America, South America and Asia to ministry.

Thank the Lord for a good year.


A Christmas Investment

This is the time of the year we focus on giving. The reason for the season is Christ.  He came to earth to become a man who lived a perfect life, died a cruel death, was buried and rose again on the third day to give. Yes He went through all of this to give and that gift is forgiveness of sin and eternal life with Him. This gift required a huge investment on the part of Christ. He had to spend 33 years on earth, 3 years in teaching and gave His own life. He set in place forgiveness and gave us a mission to tell the world of this forgiveness in Christ.

When we consider investments we look for a return on our investments. We like investments that are small but have huge returns. We want an investment that has a lifetime of dividends. An investment in Study To Be Approved is a wise investments. First the amount invested can be as small as $100 and comes with an eternal dividend. One Kindle Fire with a solar power unit can reach people who never had a chance to hear the gospel. The Kindle Fire can be used to show The Jesus Film to a multitude of people. Your dividend will be the people who come to know Christ because of your investment. Also, you know the money you give goes directly to purchase and prepare Kindles Fires to be sent to impoverished countries to equip pastors and evangelists.

Will you make an investment? Think how exciting it will be to meet the many people who trusted Christ as Lord and Savior when you get to heaven because of your investment!

So this Christmas make a small investment with an eternal dividend.

Reaching the Refugees

In the news, we hear about refugees in news all of the time. There are refugees because of natural disasters and political refugees. Because of the civil war in South Sudan, there are currently 1 million people in refugee camps in Uganda. Many of these refugees do not expect to return home for 5 or more years.

During the civil war in South Sudan, whole villages were forced flee. There were many villages that had evangelical churches. The congregations and their pastors have fled to Uganda. The pastors of these churches have started working in the refugee camps where they now live. 

Kindle Fires and portable solar panels for pastors in the nearby Bidibidi refugee camp. Pastor Joshua, second from the left, is our co-worker in the camps who have been delivering RAU materials.

Please pray and give so we can equip pastors to care for their congregations and use The Jesus Film to help spread the gospel to unbelievers.

Let’s See the Jesus Film

Here is what Tobious in Uganda wrote:

After school all the children are coming to ask for kindle fire to see the Jesus film. They love to watch it on the weekends.

What a blessing to see children desiring to set the Jesus film. They do not have a overload of entertainment in their culture. Imagine how this film is affecting the rest of their lives. They are being saturated with the Gospel.

The Kindle Fires are helping spread the Gospel to the ends of the world.

Ethiopia Update

I am in Ethiopia preparing to preach this Sunday and participate in pastor training this week. Every time I go to a African country I am reminded of the unreached millions. I just returned from a walk around my hotel. I see the faces of hundred’s of people who have never heard the Gospel.

We were able to bring in 18 Kindle Fires on this trip. These Kindles have Amharic theology books and the Jesus Film in multiple languages. Please pray for the pastors we are training that they will train others and use the Kindles they receive to reach the untold millions in their country. Each pastor coming to the training has made a commitment to train 10 others in the next year.

Kindles Help Teach and Reach

When you consider the world the harvest is truly plentiful. We must pray that the Lord send workers into the field. In the process of sending them we must equipment them. Christ has called us to disciple others so they can reach others and disciple them. This involves teaching them the Word of God so they can teach others.

Our ministry has taken on another dimension of equipping those going to the unreached. The Kindle Fires provide good theological books to read and also the ‘Jesus Film’. Every time the ‘Jesus Film’ is shown the worker learns more of the Gospel. Hunter, a young man serving in the Metu Mountains of Uganda, told me how he has learned more about the Gospel when showing the ‘Jesus Film’. He has shown the film so often that he has lost count of how many times he has shown it. The film has help train him in the Gospel. Besides being an excellent evangelism tool film has been a great training tool.

Watch the video of my interview with Hunter. A well equipped worker can do mighty things for God.

We need to send more Kindles to the far reaches of the world. Any help you can give will be appreciated. A Kindle Fire with solar charger is $100. Please give to help in this ministry.


He Is Risen!

He is risen! We as believers have know this for years because we have heard the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. But how about the many who have not heard. Below is an quote for an email I received from a pastor working with an unreached people group.

Thanks you so much for making an effort to make sure that we have machine book which makes work in the church easy may God of Abraham.Isaacs and Jacob bless you
Therefore we are requesting for your prayer for financial break through. for buying church land. we therefore ask you with your friends to stand up for prayers with as for this commitment
Thanks may God bless you
By Angurini Joseph Uganda Maracha friends of Jacob Rau Moyo

The Kindle Fires with the Jesus film and the Open Bible software are great tools to assist the pastors in reaching people in an oral culture.

The tribes in the remote areas of Uganda are hearing the Gospel for the first time. They can say “He is Risen!” and rejoice with us.

Spreading the Gospel in an Oral Culture

If you are reading this post you probably cannot imagine what is it like to live in a culture where most people are illiterate. They really on verbal and visual communication. The Aringa people in the Metu mountains are such a group, an unreached people group in Uganda. They do have a written language but most people to not read it or they do not have books. So verbal and visual communication is critical in spreading the Gospel.

Little did we realize when we provided the first Kindle Fires for use in Uganda what an impact they would have. We originally released them so we could provide pastors and teacher a video library for training along with their books. We put the Jesus film on the device because we thought it would be a nice addition. The Jesus film in the heart language of the Aringa people has had such a impact. Below is a quote and picture from Facebook the other day:

The Kindle fire Jesus film is bring more and drawing many to jesus christ ,then believing His the Remote villages of metu mountains

Tobious Ojji

Praise the Lord for adding to His Kingdom these believers in such a remote region.

We need additional funds for Kindles Fires to help spread the Gospel. $100 will purchase an Kindle Fire with the Jesus film in the language of the people group. So please donate to the spreading of the Gospel.


Testimony From Metu Mountains

Because we are not directly on the mission field we rely on testimonies from those who are laboring on the mission field. I missed this post from last December. It is a example of how the Kindle Fires are being used in ministry.

Here is a testimony from Tobious Ojji’s Facebook post:

God is really at work ln the metu mountains.Last sunday Seven peopel gave their lives to Oyo first Christians Church.four men.s and three Fire ministry is alsa dirrecting more peopel to the lord.

Training Metu Mountain Men of Uganda

Jacob Lee, with Reaching Africa’s Unreached, goes into the the Metu Mountains of Uganda. This is a very isolated area of Uganda. This from a post last week on Facebook:

We had a great one day retreat with our Metu Mountain Men who have so faithfully served the Lord and the believers of hard to reach areas in the mountain villages.

Jacob focused on the importance of working towards (in the long term) being churches which are self propagating, self-supporting and self-governing. They spent a lot of time strategizing how to move forward and talked about some of the problems they face. Jacob also wanted to encourage them in all the ways they are doing a wonderful job.

Misengile Samuel Bakulu went over how to make the most of some of the resources on their Kindles. He was so well prepared and thorough. Our aim has been to get these Kindles to people who are least likely to have access to such resources.

I also taught a session on the Trinity….the beauty of God and the loving and humble relationships between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…and how the Trinity is such a beautiful example for marriage and the family.

It took me by surprise how much this teaching affected each one as they went around and shared what they were struggling with in their marriages and ministries. They asked for this same teaching to also be shared with their wives and women in the church so they could move ahead on equal footing.

We send Kindles around the world that are entrusted to teachers like Jacob Lee who teaches Misengile Samuel Bakulu who teaches others. Without them this ministry would not be effective. It is not enough to give a person a Kindle but we need people to help train them in the use of the devices.