The Gospel is spreading

We started a new venture last year to use Kindle Fires as a book reader and video device. The reason for this is we wanted the pastors to access to lectures from We also decided to put the Jesus film on these devices in the native languages. We did not realize that the ‘Jesus Film’  is most beneficial asset of the Kindles. Here are some testimonies.

The Kindles Fires are being used by the Lord in great ways. The portable solar panels have been a key factor as well! There are a good number of them in the Metu Mountains as well as in Yumbe. Many have come to faith in the Mountains and just a little bit ago I received a called from Charles. Omar has been showing the “Jesus” film in a number of Mosques…I thinking the number is over 12. In a recent showing a man pulled him side wanting to follow Jesus. Omar brought him to Charles today and he trusted in Christ. The only complaint and it is not a bad one to have is that the people tend crowd to see it and some cannot. Omar is talking the District Khard who is over 219 Mosques to allow me to enter with the projector to show it. I recently had a good meeting with this Khard…pray…! Love and prayers sent your way as well…your sacrifice and love is making a big difference here…thank you!!!

 We have had such amazing feedback from people who are using the Kindle Fire.  Tobious, in the Metu Mountains, continues to not only go with it himself and is finding that many members of the family are turning to Christ, but he is galvanizing a growing number of faithful young men who are also willing to go and do the same.  Omar, the Imam who converted to Christ, has shown the movie a half dozen times in various mosques.  He apparently stops the film from time to time to explain how different things that come up in the movie can be found in the Qur’an.  He was asked recently, “Why do you keep talking about Issa (Jesus)?  He replied, “Well, its Christmas!”
It seems like this one on one method which has been used in the Metu mountains is particularly helpful because it identifies believers right away and, because there has been already personal interaction, the process of discipleship can more easily be set in motion.  People are also more likely to personalize and respond to the message in a more private setting such as a home.  I can imagine it will have the same effect in Yumbe among Muslims who would not dare respond in public. We have yet to hear stories like that but we expect them soon!

Please pray for the people spreading the ‘Jesus Film’ with the Kindles. Pray that many would come to know the Lord and that the Lord will keep His servants safe.


Projects for 2017

We had a meeting yesterday and we presented our project for 2017. These are ministries we have worked with over the last couple of years.

Kindle to Remote Zambia

There is a request for 70 Kindles to be delivered to Christian works in Western Zambia.

The first group is a partnership with Kabwata Baptist Church that established a Pastor’s Bible School (Liselli Bible School) in the Western Province of Zambia about 4 years ago.   There are presently about 40 students at Liselli who would greatly benefit from and be extremely grateful for the Kindles.

The second group is the Pastor’s Fellowship in the Western Province of Zambia, which is the poorest province in a very poor country. The pastors are in great need of 30 Kindles to be purchased and delivered to a team going to Zambia in June who will closely monitor the distribution.

Total Cost: $12,000

African Christian University

There is a request for 35 Kindles and college text books for the Kindles.

Africa Christian University had enrolled their first class of students. We have to purchase books for these Kindles as an ongoing project. Eventually we will be purchasing books for 4 classes of students each year.

Total cost: $6,000 for 2017

Future estimated costs: 2018: $9,000, 2019: $12,000, 2020: $15,000

Ethiopia Missions – Dagne Balcha

We have a request for 35 Kindles.

These will be given to missionaries that serve in Ethiopia. We will be delivering these Kindles in groups of 5 over the next several months.

Total Cost: $5000

Seed Projects

Kindles will be given to agencies and people who meet our requirements. We usually start with 5 Kindles and determine how they are used. If the requirements are meet, we will give them more.

We will need 100 Kindles for this project.

Total Cost: $15,000

Prayerfully consider how you can help.

You can send donations to: StudyToBeApproved, 11960 Dorsett Rd, Austin, TX 78727. Or use the giving button at the top of the page.

African Christian University

35 Kindle Fires arrived at African Christian University in Zambia. Praise the Lord there was no damage to the Kindle Fires during shipment.

We are taking a new approach to managing these Kindles. Because we did not have the list of students who are attending ACU we could not setup the Kindles before shipment. This leaves this responsibility to the registrar Leya Gordic and office manager Prashant Thakkar. I had a Skype session on Thursday instructing them how to setup the Kindles. The students start classes on Monday January 16th. Pray that all goes well in setting up the Kindles.

January Delivery

This is a new year and a chance again to see the Lord at work. I saw how the Lord’s timing is perfect.

We had a request for 35 Kindles to be sent to African Christian University in Zambia. This is a new university and they are enrolling their second group of students. They expect to enroll 35 new students this year. We provided Kindles to their first group of students and committed to provide them for this class. We we told on January 3rd that the Kindles needed to be delivered by the people who are going to Zambia by January 6th. So the Kindles were shipped  to them. Because I wanted to make sure that the Kindles arrived in time I had them delivered on the 5th. Little did I know that the travel schedule had changed and the group going to Zambia had to leave on the 5th. Our shipment arrived at 12:30 pm. This was perfect timing because the group was leaving soon for the airport to start their trip. The 35 Kindles are on their way to Zambia to bless another class as ACU.

Praise the Lord for His timing!