January Delivery

This is a new year and a chance again to see the Lord at work. I saw how the Lord’s timing is perfect.

We had a request for 35 Kindles to be sent to African Christian University in Zambia. This is a new university and they are enrolling their second group of students. They expect to enroll 35 new students this year. We provided Kindles to their first group of students and committed to provide them for this class. We we told on January 3rd that the Kindles needed to be delivered by the people who are going to Zambia by January 6th. So the Kindles were shipped  to them. Because I wanted to make sure that the Kindles arrived in time I had them delivered on the 5th. Little did I know that the travel schedule had changed and the group going to Zambia had to leave on the 5th. Our shipment arrived at 12:30 pm. This was perfect timing because the group was leaving soon for the airport to start their trip. The 35 Kindles are on their way to Zambia to bless another class as ACU.

Praise the Lord for His timing!