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People have asked how much does a Kindle cost? We are using the Kindle PaperWhite. This the most practical Kindle for this ministry because it is durable, a battery charge will last 8 weeks and you can read it in the dark.

The Kindles cost $132 for the hardware. That includes the cost of the charger. The cost for books we have to purchase per Kindles is $50. Publishers such as 9Marks have given us the rights to many of the books so we distribute them for free. Cost of preparing the Kindles is $10.  The cost per Kindle is $192 for the initial delivery.

The average cost per book we purchase is $6. Usually we have to purchase 10 books.  These are theology books 🙂 and not big sellers.  We distribute 315 books that free of charge to us. The rest of the books we purchase and distribute through Amazon. We deliver about 325 books in the initial load which gives us an average cost of 59 cents per book.

The delivery of books through Amazon is important for the ongoing ministry of updating the Kindles with new books. We do have publishers that periodically give books away for free. We try to setup the means in each country to be able to update the Kindle with new books on a periodic basis.

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  1. “So at this time the cost per book is 58 cents.” this statement is unclear to me. At the end of the paragraph that it’s an especially. And then the next paragraph says the books are about $6. the conclusion of the paragraph appears to be telling us the cost of a Kindle until that last sentence is thrown in there 🙂

    • Good point. If we have to purchase books they are about $5. We have over 300 books that are free of charge. We have to purchase about 10 books for each Kindle which average about $5 each.

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