Delmar Hager ODA Classes

All profits from my teaching go to the Study To Be Approved non-profit.

Upon registering for a class an invoice for the registration fee will be sent to you.

Monthly invoices will be sent September 1st thru May 1st for your your tuition.

A year’s tuition (monthly tuition * 9 months) can be paid with a check written to Study To Be Approved. You can give the check to me the first day of class.

Check course website for what books and materials are required.

CourseRegistration/Lab FeeMaterialsMonthly Tuition
Elementary Robots$65/studentElementary Robots$50
Middle School Robot Programming$65/studentRobot Programming$65
Robot Programming – Scratch and Python$65/studentRobot Programming Scratch/Python$65
Advanced Robotics$90/studentAdvanced Robotics$70
Science 3/4$70/studentScience 3/4$50
Science 5/6$70/studentScience 5/6$50