Delmar Hager ODA Classes

All profits from my teaching go to the Study To Be Approved non-profit.

Upon registering for a class an invoice for the registration fee will be sent to you.

Monthly invoices will be sent September 1st thru May 1st for your your tuition.

A year’s tuition (monthly tuition * 9 months) can be paid with a check written to Study To Be Approved. You can give the check to me the first day of class.

Register for classes here.

Check course website for what books and materials are required.

CourseRegistration/Lab FeeMaterialsMonthly Tuition
Elementary Robots$65/studentElementary Robots$50
Middle School Robot Programming$65/studentRobot Programming$65
Robot Programming – Scratch and Python$65/studentRobot Programming Scratch/Python$65
Advanced Robotics$90/studentAdvanced Robotics$70
Science 3/4$70/studentScience 3/4$50
Science 5/6$70/studentScience 5/6$50

Register for classes here.