Bed and Breakfast

On Sunday evening we stayed at Brandkraal Bed and Breakfast outside of Winterton May 5th. It was Linda and my first time at a B&B. We really enjoyed the hospitality of Freddy and Agnus. We highly recommend this B&B. The breakfast was really great. Agnus did an excellent job.

We had a really enjoyable conversation with them on Sunday evening. I was able to show Freddy an Kindle device. He is loosing his eye sight and he was excited to see a device that can read to him. He wanted to get one right away.

Freddy had really good questions about the state of the evangelical church in South Africa. He made a statement that to much emphasis is on a making a decision for Christ without seeing a life change. How true this is.

Here is a picture of where we stayed.

More Kindles Delivered

I delivered 5 more Kindles to pastors and workers in the New Castle area on May 3. We held the meeting at the Osizweni church. They were really appreciative of their new devices. Most of they leaders do not have a computer.

While I was instructing the leaders on how to use the Kindles, Linda was doing a prayer journal seminar with the women.

Healthy Church Seminar

On Wednesday we meet for the first of the two 9Marks of a healthy church seminars that I am doing. We meet at the Amawotana church and invited the leaders and members from the Mayville church. We had about 35 people in attendance. Wednesday was a national holiday, May 1st. It is like Labor day in the USA. So people came on their day off to be taught. We started the seminar at 9:30 and finished up at 4. I was only able to cover the first 5 of the 9 marks. Here is a view of the congregation:

The church had a baptismal service during the seminar.

See the Wildlife

Sorry for not posting the last several days. We have been quite busy. On Monday we travel to a animal reserve north of Durban on St. Lucia lake. We saw some spectacular wildlife. Here are some of the pictures: