The laborers are going

Here is an excerpt from Jacob Lee’s (RAU in Uganda) latest email:

Tobious and his faithful band of brothers have now been equipped with Kindle Fires (that are loaded with the Jesus Film in several languages including Ma’di) as well as solar panel chargers which Kevin brought out for us and were also provided through the generosity of STBA (Study To Be Approved) which is the vision and passion of Delmar Hager.  These men have wasted no time in going home to home to show the Jesus Film (a depiction of the book of Luke) and to interact one on one with each family they meet.  Just today, Tobious posted on Jacob’s Facebook wall that each of the men who have received Kindles have been at work, doing the desired work of sharing this film with those over whom they have been given responsibility.  Their only complaint is that the screen is too small for many people to watch at one time.  We are trying to encourage smaller audiences so that it becomes easier to do one-on-one discipleship.

Here is the post by Tobious:

God is using metu mountains men, greatly in oyo village sam and amboyo whose nick name is the hunter.have so far reached.15percents of the population in the villages.and in Arapi\gbari villages.geofry have so far reached 10%population,in jujo,cinyi oku and lea villages.christopher and steven.have so far reached pamoyi village james have reached 5%and general in Ayaa i have reached so far 30% SO more testimonies in these various villages mamy are trusting jesus christ as their personal and lord and saviour.The only many peopel are coming to wacthed the jesus film and the screen is too small for many peopel

Please pray that the Lord will bring many into the Kingdom in this unreached people group.

Going to the ends of the earth

We recently sent 50 Kindle Fires to Uganda. The Kindle Fires have software for reading books and also can play movies. Because these Kindles are going to the mountains of Uganda we supplied solar panels to change the Kindles.  This allows church planters to be able to use their Kindles at all times because they do not have to go back to a city to recharge the Kindles. The solar units will recharge a Kindle in 2 hours. This gives a great opportunity to show the Jesus Film to unreached people in the rural areas.

Please pray for men who are planting church in the Metu mountains. Pray the the Kindles will be an very effective tool in spreading the Gospel.