A Christmas Investment

This is the time of the year we focus on giving. The reason for the season is Christ. He came to earth to become a man who lived a perfect life, died a cruel death, was buried and rose again on the third day to give. Yes He went through all of this to give and that gift is forgiveness of sin and eternal life with Him. This gift required a huge investment on the part of Christ. He had to spend 33 years on earth, 3 years in teaching and gave His own life. He set in place forgiveness and gave us a mission to tell the world of this forgiveness in Christ.

When we consider investments we look for a return on our investments. We like investments that are small but have huge returns. We want an investment that has a lifetime of dividends, such as oil investments, gold investments, etc. An investment in Study To Be Approved is a wise investment. First, the amount invested can be as small as $100 and comes with an eternal dividend. One Kindle Fire with a solar power unit can reach people who never had a chance to hear the gospel. The Kindle Fire can be used to show The Jesus Film to a multitude of people. Your dividend will be the people who come to know Christ because of your investment. Also, you know the money you give goes directly to purchase and prepare Kindles Fires to be sent to impoverished countries to equip pastors and evangelists.

Will you make an investment? Think how exciting it will be to meet the many people who trusted Christ as Lord and Savior when you get to heaven because of your investment!

So this Christmas make a small investment with an eternal dividend.