Kindles Help Teach and Reach

When you consider the world the harvest is truly plentiful. We must pray that the Lord send workers into the field. In the process of sending them we must equipment them. Christ has called us to disciple others so they can reach others and disciple them. This involves teaching them the Word of God so they can teach others.

Our ministry has taken on another dimension of equipping those going to the unreached. The Kindle Fires provide good theological books to read and also the ‘Jesus Film’. Every time the ‘Jesus Film’ is shown the worker learns more of the Gospel. Hunter, a young man serving in the Metu Mountains of Uganda, told me how he has learned more about the Gospel when showing the ‘Jesus Film’. He has shown the film so often that he has lost count of how many times he has shown it. The film has help train him in the Gospel. Besides being an excellent evangelism tool film has been a great training tool.

Watch the video of my interview with Hunter. A well equipped worker can do mighty things for God.

We need to send more Kindles to the far reaches of the world. Any help you can give will be appreciated. A Kindle Fire with solar charger is $100. Please give to help in this ministry.