2013 In Review

2013 was the year of beginning this ministry. What started as fulfilling a dream of a ministry in South Africa to provide Kindles to Christian leaders has spread to 5 countries and 5 different ministries.

Here is a summary of the Kindles that are being distributed:

  • South Africa – 12 Kindles
  • Zambia – 10 Kindles
  • Kenya – 5 Kindles
  • Northern Uganda – 68 Kindles
  • Cuba – 10 Kindles
  • Southern Uganda – 10 Kindles

We distributed 115 Kindles this year. These were sent through ministries that a resident in the countries. They distribute the Kindles to other Christian workers in the country.

We also increase the number of books on the Kindles from 30 to 160. The international distribution of the eBooks worked great. We are able to update the Kindles as long as they have access to a wireless hot spot.

We thank the Lord for all he has done for us this year.