Training Metu Mountain Men of Uganda

Jacob Lee, with Reaching Africa’s Unreached, goes into the the Metu Mountains of Uganda. This is a very isolated area of Uganda. This from a post last week on Facebook:

We had a great one day retreat with our Metu Mountain Men who have so faithfully served the Lord and the believers of hard to reach areas in the mountain villages.

Jacob focused on the importance of working towards (in the long term) being churches which are self propagating, self-supporting and self-governing. They spent a lot of time strategizing how to move forward and talked about some of the problems they face. Jacob also wanted to encourage them in all the ways they are doing a wonderful job.

Misengile Samuel Bakulu went over how to make the most of some of the resources on their Kindles. He was so well prepared and thorough. Our aim has been to get these Kindles to people who are least likely to have access to such resources.

I also taught a session on the Trinity….the beauty of God and the loving and humble relationships between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…and how the Trinity is such a beautiful example for marriage and the family.

It took me by surprise how much this teaching affected each one as they went around and shared what they were struggling with in their marriages and ministries. They asked for this same teaching to also be shared with their wives and women in the church so they could move ahead on equal footing.

We send Kindles around the world that are entrusted to teachers like Jacob Lee who teaches Misengile Samuel Bakulu who teaches others. Without them this ministry would not be effective. It is not enough to give a person a Kindle but we need people to help train them in the use of the devices.


Use the tools

A team from HIghPointe Baptist church is going Uganda May 5 – 16. The team will be teaching the second module in Hearts, Heads and Hands by David Sills. David is the founder of Reaching and Teaching. This ministry seeks to train men in the fundamentals of the faith and prepare them to be ministers of the Gospel in countries where education is not generally available.

Jacob Lee, the director of Reaching Africa’s Unreached, has a mission compound in Moyo, Uganda. One of the goals of his ministry is to train leaders. He has built facilities to house and train pastors for one week sessions. He has been instrumental in distributing Kindles in this region of Uganda. Those we teach will have Kindles which allows us to add materials to supplement our training. So we are going to make use of the Kindles for this ministry.

Thank the Lord for His blessings

Amazon has a Valentine’s special where you can purchase a Kindle Fire for $39.99. This is $10 off the regular price. We have ordered 50 of them. With these Kindles we are able to meet our commitments through June for the ministry in Zambia.

I was told that some pastors who came to the college actually travel by dug out canoe. I remember stories from missionaries when I was a child about people who travel by canoe. It amazes me that these men have access to computer technology with the Kindle Fire. This is a merger of the primitive and technology. These people are able to get into the computer age in one giant leap. They will have access to books and the Jesus film to help train them and spread the Gospel.

Overcome Energy and Spiritual Poverty

We in the US many times forget about the poverty through out the world. Here is a map of energy poverty in the world:

One of the areas we are heavily involved in the Sub-Sahara region of Africa. Besides not having books they do not have electricity. Below is Jacob Lee demonstrating the use of a solar panel unit to use with the Kindles and a quote from Jacob:

Explaining the use of solar panel and Kindle Fire which were given by “Study To Be Approved.” There are now 15 Kindles in these mountains being used to spread the gospel through the “Jesus” film and strengthen church leaders with the Bible and books on them.

We overcome energy poverty so we can overcome spiritual poverty.