New Technology

We have been trying new devices to see how they can be used in the ministry of StudyToBeApproved. The Kindle Papaerwhite has been our mainstay but it is limited to just books. We have been searching for new devices that can do multi media but are inexpensive and durable.

We have tested the recently introduced Amazon HD Fire 7 inch that can be purchased for $49.99 or $41.66  each in lots of 6. What is unique for a low end Android devices is the it has a SD slot. This allows the user to have easy access to additional media.

In testing this device we are able to take the Biblical Theology couse from Simeon Trust and put it on a 16 GB SD with room to spare. We were able to read the notes and able to play the lectures on the Kindle HD 7. For under $50 we can provide 400 books and access to many training courses. Each SD costs about $5. So a course can be made available for $5. We can create lending libraries for our Christian leaders in third world countries through the leaders we have in these countries.

We are considering providing the courses from Simeon Trust and Biblical Training. Any help for this ministry would be appreciated.