African Christian University

Our goal is to equip Christian leaders in third world countries. African Christian University is a newly accredited university in the country of Zambia. Their first year students have arrived this month. We have been working closely with their registrar Diana Paul to configure the Kindle HDs that StudyToBeApproved donated to them.

We will be providing electronic books for these Kindles to use in the classroom. Each student receives a Kindle for their personal use to help them in their studies. Diana made a comment that internet access is readily available but the students do not have access to computers to connect to the internet. These students will now have computers to work with.


New Technology

We have been trying new devices to see how they can be used in the ministry of StudyToBeApproved. The Kindle Papaerwhite has been our mainstay but it is limited to just books. We have been searching for new devices that can do multi media but are inexpensive and durable.

We have tested the recently introduced Amazon HD Fire 7 inch that can be purchased for $49.99 or $41.66  each in lots of 6. What is unique for a low end Android devices is the it has a SD slot. This allows the user to have easy access to additional media.

In testing this device we are able to take the Biblical Theology couse from Simeon Trust and put it on a 16 GB SD with room to spare. We were able to read the notes and able to play the lectures on the Kindle HD 7. For under $50 we can provide 400 books and access to many training courses. Each SD costs about $5. So a course can be made available for $5. We can create lending libraries for our Christian leaders in third world countries through the leaders we have in these countries.

We are considering providing the courses from Simeon Trust and Biblical Training. Any help for this ministry would be appreciated.



We spent a week in Haiti training Christian Leaders. I went with a team from my church, High Pointe Baptist of Austin, TX. This was my third year going to Haiti to teach.

Our team taught on how to do expositional preaching. We recently participated in a Simeon Trust workshop on one expositional preaching. We took what we learned in this workshop and taught it to the Haitians. They were really appreciated of the teaching we did.

We also had a ministry to the pastor’s wives on this trip. My wife, Linda, was able to participate this year with me in teaching the women. It was a blessing to have her come on this mission trip.

The mission trip would not be possible with out the faithful Haitians who helped translate our materials and who are translators for us while we are teaching. To do a ministry such as this require many working together for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Central America

Honduras is being blessed by 30 Kindles. I am working with two ministries on delivering Kindles to Christian workers in Honduras. These Kindles are going to pastors in remote areas of the country.

We were pleased to be shown a website with 80 theological books that are in Spanish. We were able to convert the PDF files to Kindles format. This gives our Spanish pastors 100 books with the ones we purchase. This gives these pastors a sizable library.

Please pray as these Kindles are distributed that the materials really bless the pastors. Also, we can see positive results for the Kingdom of God.


More books keep coming to workers in South Sudan

I spoke with one of my coordinators last Sunday evening. She had taken 5 Kindles last year to Kenyan missionaries to South Sudan. She ministers with these missionaries yearly. She gave them the Kindles last year. When she returned this year to Sudan the missionaries told her that when they came back to Kenya and had wi-fi access to their their Kindles they received many more books. There is a good possibility that their library went from 130 to over 300 books. They were really excited about getting more books. That is one of the unique services of our ministry in that we can update they Kindles at will and bless the Christian workers.


Who receives these Kindles?

I have learned the organizations distributing the Kindles have implemented a process to determine if a person is qualified to receive a Kindle. The recipient has to be proficient in English and to show this proficiency they are assigned a book to read and then write a book report. Upon completing this assignment they are given a Kindle. This prevents others from being jealous because they know that a person must meet these qualifications.

Preparing for Haiti

We at this time are preparing for our yearly missions trip to Haiti. The pastors and other Christian workers have received Kindle HDs in July of 2014. We are hoping to supply additional materials for them on this trip. This year we will again video the conference and put the videos on the Kindle HDs so they can review the material during the year.

For purposes of training we are using Kindle HDs because we have more flexibility. These devices would not be good for general use because they are not as durable.

Testimonial from Uganda

When I received a text from Carol and Jacob Lee being directed to pick up a kindle they had offered me at no cost, I had no idea who God had used to bless me with such a gift that has made my reading more fun, easier and better than before…! Having the opportunity to carry my favorite book(s) with me was and had never crossed my mind but there I was and daily I am with it (them-books)on the bus, in my bed, in the pews, in the restaurant sorry to say but even in the rest room!! every where its convenient to read,  this “partner” (kindle) has come handy…! And now that am serving alongside this wonderful couple, I asked Jacob the first question that I had when I first received this gift…who is responsible for this kind of blessing that even has the knowledge about us here in Africa in matters pertaining electricity (constant blackouts) since this gadget comes beyond helpful and how is it possible that some one could get all these books in the hands of different people free of charge…! He was able to share with me how he was blessed to hear you narrate how you personally get these books on each of these kindles individually, personally with the love of Christ doing this both diligently and joyfully…! I remember we were on one of the trips to a place called Gbari, way down in the mountains where RAU is hoping to have a church plant(it is in the process)…when he narrated to me this…my heart was humbled especially saying that you personally enter all these books on your own; someone especially here in Africa may think (and I don’t blame them) that this work is easy…but no…! I know its not…! The reason my heart sank and was humbled was this; I was asking myself; what could spur a man to sit down hours long for some days forsaking all his pleasures and enjoyments plus other programs all so that where I was,  I could be  nourished with the goodness of our Lord’s love through all these study materials…indeed I concluded that only for Christ’s sake and the satisfaction you have in Him coupled with the desire for others to know and enjoy him as well that you put all  those other pleasures to get this kindle into my hands…armed with that knowledge, I all that was on my mind since was an opportunity to say THANK YOU brother, if only you knew how much you have impacted lives here in West Nile of Uganda through your work and support…! But I thank God for this opportunity to let you know that indeed you are a blessing to the body of Christ-may He renew and refresh you and your family at all times and richly reward and bless you as his will be!
Thank you for blessing and having me in mind (though we’ve never met but you are as they say “a brother from another mother” and in Christ<328.png>) while serving the Lord in this regard…thank you for your tireless work brother!
God bless you
am sorry for not introducing myself at the beginning  and writing too long of a text but I go by names of ONETTE ZORAH and I serve here at Reaching Africa’s Unreached with Jacob and Carol Lee…your work and laboring for the church of Christ…believe me touches my heart everyday especially when I see how joyful and many a number of church leaders that you have blessed here and how grateful they are(now I know they are grateful for you…!). As I sit down to read from (NOW)my kindle (thanks to you) which I know I don’t deserve but only for the love of Christ through you, am humbled, thankful, grateful and forever will be to you for this gift…because of you brother…!Thanks. Come visit us at RAU sometime…!

Covenant College Zambia

We started the New Year by shipping 30 Kindles for use by students attending Covenant College in Zambia. This is a college that trains pastors for ministry.

It is this type of ministry we want to support. They are training pastors for the ministry. We want pastors and church leaders to have the resources to assist them in the study of God’s word.

25 Kindles to African Christian University

One of the purposes of StudyToBeApproved is to provide resources to those who are training future leaders in third world countries. We have the privilege to work with with African Christian University in Zambia. We sent 25 Kindle HDs for the students to use. Besides the 300+ books placed on the devices, we included the Olive Tree electronic Bible app. This will give them access to many more free books that are available through this app. We have also download other practical applications for them to use on these Kindles as listed below:

Jorte Calendar & Organizer by Jorte Inc.
Alarm Clock by Apalon
OfficeSuite 8 Free by Mobile Systems
SugarSync by SugarSync
OneNote by Microsoft Corporation
ColorNote Notepad Notes by Social & Mobile
Evernote by Evernote Corp.
textPlus Free Text + Calls for Android Phones, Tablets + Kindle Fire + Fire Phone by textPlus
HD Video Player by Turtlerun
Notepad by Pixatel
Adobe Reader by Adobe Systems
Sketch Guru – Handy Sketch Pad by Bejoy Mobile
Calculator for Kindle by Kevin Tydlacka
Whiteboard by 4DSoftTech
File Manager by Rhythm Software

This will give these Christian leaders the resources they need for ministry.