Let Us Not Forget

The following comment came from a pastor in Uganda:

We are very excited about what the Lord is doing in Northwestern Uganda. I will never forget what one Yumbe pastor said and wrote to me, “We had thought God had forgotten about us and we know now He has not”. Your Kindle ministry is part of God’s plan in spreading His fame in a much neglected area.

Of course, we are lucky that we have the opportunity to visit a church when we want to because there are so many worldwide to choose from. Some people even venture out far and wide to attend a church service because this has been made possible. The online donations that people can make to their religious establishments are remarkable, especially when you look for methods via somewhere like Tithe.ly to provide people with another means to donate. This money can go towards the services of the pastor, as well as making sure that the building remains in a stable condition for services. Unfortunately, there are other countries that don’t have this luxury.

We take for granted having the resources to buy books anytime we want them. The average pastor has hundreds of books. In Uganda there are pastors who have their Bibles and a couple of books. Their most important capability is to be able to read and study in English. All of Southeastern Africa needs to be flooded with Kindles. These men should not lack having good study materials.

What we take for granted they strongly desire. Let us not forget them.