Thank you to 9Marks and Crossway

Much has happened in the last 3 months. The Lord has been gracious in providing for this ministry.

I want to thank Ryan Townsend and the team at 9Marks in working on getting the 9Marks study guides and books provided for no cost from Crossway. A special thanks to the Crossway team for seeing the vision of providing these materials to those pastors and teachers in the third world.

I also want to extend thank toe Joseph Rodriguez in shepherding the process in finishing the Zulu translation “What is a Healthy Chruch”. Our first ministry is going to be in South Africa.

The Method

We will be:

  1. Providing Kindles to pastors which will have
    1. Theological Books
    2. Practical Training Books
      1. 9 Marks books
      2. Matthais Media books
    3. Video Training
      2. Gospel Coalition
    4. Study Bibles
      1. ESV
      2. Thompson Chain Reference
  2. Providing practical training
    1. How to use the Kindle
    2. 9 Marks material