What Joy!

The following is an excerpt from Jacob and Carol Lee’s newsletter:

Godfrey, who has been undergoing a mentoring process here at RAU and an intense time of study, is nearly ready to make his move to Obongi.  He is truly excited, not only about the Word of God, but also about being able to be a part of the milestone outreach to this unreached area.  Jacob has so enjoyed helping to equip Godfrey in different ways and has had great conversations with him. Last night, after having had some time to read in his new Kindle, loaded with over 100 Christian books, Godfrey came inside from the veranda, nearly giddy, and stated, “You know, God gave Adam this beautiful garden with all kinds of fruits for him to enjoy.  What God gave Adam in the garden, you have given me in this Kindle!”  Awesome!  Thank you, Delmar Hager, for your vision and provision of this most excellent tool for pastors!  The fruit that the Kindles, as well all the Christ centered books given out, will bear in eternity cannot even be contemplated now!  Thank you to all who have been a part of providing Bibles and books to enrich pastors. We look forward to seeing the harvest of wisdom in Godfrey through the resources he has been given and planted within him. Pray for him as he leads a new church in the center of Muslim dominated Obongi. Pray for us as we seek to encourage him and assist this church plant which has only new converts.

This is ground zero for the ministry. Pastors who are given resources to study and serve the Lord. I thank the Lord for Jacob and Carol Lee who are on the ground in Uganda. They are the conduit that make this ministry so effective.


One thought on “What Joy!

  1. One of the greatest joys of being here in Northwestern Uganda is being able to give out the Kindles you have provided to pastors who are devouring the contents of them like the person eating food who has none for many days! The impact of these Kindles for the strengthening and expansion of the church in Northwestern Uganda , Southwestern South Sudan, and Northeastern D.R. Congo cannot be measured this side of eternity! Thank you and your supporters for the provision of these Kindles! May many more flood this land!

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