News from Uganda

I went with a team from High Pointe Baptist Church on a mission trip to Ethiopia and Uganda. We went to teach pastors and teachers from each country.

I decided to try out the Kindle Fire in Uganda. This is Amazon’s Android tablet that costs only $50. This is a major savings over the PaperWhite at $119. The disadvantage of a Kindle Fire is its durability and the battery discharge time. But the advantage is it can run apps, have all the books and show movies. We provide 4 language versions of the Jesus film on each Kindle Fire.

These movies have proven to be invaluable.   A former Muslim Imam took the Kindle Fire with the Jesus film home to his family who are not believers. They watched the movie three times that night. (This is a 2 hour movie starting with creation, fall and prophecy of Jesus. After this it transitions to the original Jesus film. This film is in their native language.) His wife now wants to meet with Jacob to discuss Christ. She had previously been wary of Americans and Christianity. I believe the Lord will use these Kindle Fires to reach one Muslim family at a time. It is so exciting!! The latest report is he and other believers have shown the “Jesus” video many times via their Kindles. Praise the Lord for how the Kindle Fires are being used.