He Is Risen!

He is risen! We as believers have know this for years because we have heard the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. But how about the many who have not heard. Below is an quote for an email I received from a pastor working with an unreached people group.

Thanks you so much for making an effort to make sure that we have machine book which makes work in the church easy may God of Abraham.Isaacs and Jacob bless you
Therefore we are requesting for your prayer for financial break through. for buying church land. we therefore ask you with your friends to stand up for prayers with as for this commitment
Thanks may God bless you
By Angurini Joseph Uganda Maracha friends of Jacob Rau Moyo

The Kindle Fires with the Jesus film and the Open Bible software are great tools to assist the pastors in reaching people in an oral culture.

The tribes in the remote areas of Uganda are hearing the Gospel for the first time. They can say “He is Risen!” and rejoice with us.